Featured image text: "What causes high blood pressure?"

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

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What causes high blood pressure? Well, it's hypertension, the technical term for high blood pressure, which is generally called “the silent killer.” Unfortunately, more than 80 million Americans (34%) have high blood pressure and as many as 16 million do not even realize they have the condition.

High Blood Pressure Symptoms and Causes

If left unchecked, high blood pressure dramatically increases your overall risk for cardiovascular disease and heart attack. That is why it is so important to be aware of your blood pressure and know the signs of high blood pressure so you can identify if you need treatment or prevention measures. High blood pressure symptoms are often very subtle, but they are often easy to identify if you know what to look for. Blood pressure can sometimes be averted by changing your lifestyle.

Featured image text: "What causes high blood pressure?"

Signs of high blood pressure often include issues such as dizziness, fainting, blurred vision, restlessness, dry mouth, sweating, headaches, increased heart rate, restless sleep, indigestion, nausea, chills, and fatigue.

High blood pressure is a “silent killer”

If you experience any of these symptoms, visit your doctor immediately and make note of your feelings. If you experience any of these health conditions, continue to monitor your symptoms and seek medical attention. If you do not get any treatment in a timely fashion, your condition can progress to severe heart failure and/or heart disease.

Kidney Disease

Another sign that you may have high blood pressure is kidney stones. When there is a blockage in the kidneys, your blood flow becomes obstructed, essentially cutting off oxygen from your body and reducing your ability to receive oxygen.

Kidney stones can cause a number of other health problems as well, so it is critical that they are removed and treated. As kidney stones grow in size, they are increasingly difficult to remove, which means that high blood pressure may develop over time as a result.

The damage starts in your arteries and heart

Some people experience what causes high blood pressure from their skin. If you are a woman, menopause can be a contributing factor. The male hormones, Testosterone and Progesterone, gradually drop in quantity over time.

For women, Testosterone is primarily converted into DHT, which can bind with the arteries and decrease blood flow. Progesterone is also a contributor to high blood pressure and it is essential for the normal functioning of the female body.

What are the symptoms of high blood pressure?

If you suffer from what causes high blood pressure and have developed kidney or heart problems, it is imperative that you consult your physician. You will probably be advised to take some medications, either through your doctor or over-the-counter, to lower your blood pressure.

These medicines may help with your immediate health problems, but will not prevent future problems from developing. Your physician can further advise you on the best treatment for your high blood pressure. Those with high blood pressure are more likely to suffer a stroke.

What do blood pressure numbers mean?

Monitoring your blood pressure periodically is the most important thing you can do to maintain your health. This can help you identify the possible causes and ways to treat them before they develop into more serious health problems.

When to See a Doctor

Regularly getting your blood pressure checked can also help your doctor to decide if you are at risk for any other high blood pressure problems. A high reading does not necessarily mean that you have high blood pressure – sometimes it is just an early indicator that your doctor is looking at something else. By regularly checking your blood pressure reading, you can find out if it needs attention or if it is normal.

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