Image text: "Simple meditation techniques for beginners".

Simple Meditation Techniques For Beginners

When practising this simple meditation, concentrate on deep breathing and many people do not realize the power of simple meditation. The technique is as old as consciousness itself and it is a practice that can be learned easily and practised on a daily basis without much effort or focus.

It has been practised by many ancient cultures as a way to calm the mind and give an overall
sense of well being. Many people use this technique to relax during a stressful period or to overcome the blues. In this brief article, I will show you how to incorporate this very simple meditation into your daily routine.


You should focus on releasing all tension in your muscles and your mind. Focus on feeling your belly calming down and your heart rate returning to normal. This simple meditation can be done anywhere at any time.

If you are a beginner in the meditation practice, I recommend that you start off by doing it one of the simplest ways possible. Beginners often get stressed out very quickly, so the best way for a beginner is to stick with the basics.

Image text: "Simple meditation techniques for beginners".

For example, if you are doing this meditation practice to relax, start off by sitting in a chair. Close your eyes and concentrate on feeling your abdomen relaxing. Beginners may find that this is easier than sitting up.

Now that you are sitting and feel your body starting to relax, slowly open your eyes. As you do so, pay attention to your breathing. As you are sitting there and breathing, you are trying to let go of all tension in your muscles and your mind wandering off. So, you want to focus on feeling your abdomen relax, your heart rate returning to normal, and your breathing getting deeper. In this
case, I would recommend closing your eyes for about 3 minutes and count to 10 while focusing on feeling your abdomen relax.

After a minute, open your eyes. This simple exercise is a great way to keep your mind as relaxed as possible and allow your body to return to its natural state of calmness. If you can return to this state several times, you will find that your stress levels will decrease and you will meditate more easily.

Another great way to maintain a relaxed mind is by performing simple tasks such as reading, drinking or watching television.

Simple Meditation Techniques For Beginners

If you want to get deeper into your meditation techniques, you may find it helpful to think about a word group, or perhaps try using a visualization technique. Once you have done this, you can begin breathing exercises. You can either sit with your back straight or lay on your side and place your hands on your stomach and relax your body. Take slow deep breaths, and slowly guide your
mind into a peaceful state.

Devanshu writes about Fitness and well being

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