Image text: "Fitness Trackers and Smart Watches 101".

Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches 101 – Everything You Need to Know!

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Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches 101; here is your basic training!

An activity tracker, also known as a fitness tracker, is a device or application for monitoring and tracking fitness-related metrics such as distance walked or run, calorie consumption, and in some cases heartbeat. It is a type of wearable computer. The term is now primarily used for smartwatches that are synced, in many cases wirelessly, to a computer or smartphone for long-term data tracking. There are also independent mobile and Facebook Apps which integrate with each device and are provided free by the manufacturer.

Image text: "Fitness Trackers and Smart Watches 101".

As the saying goes, “the best fitness tracker is the one you'll actually use.” Nowhere does this apply more than in fitness tracking. To be useful you will need to wear it constantly to monitor your step count, heart rate, and sleep quality. Reviewers can be mixed on their relative benefits of the different models, but fitness trackers and smartwatches now have:

  • longer battery life,
  • better software, and
  • more stylish designs than ever before.

If you looked at them a few years ago and decided you would wait for better features, we suggest that you look again now.

The Garmin Vívosmart 4, for example, is a fitness multi-tool, offering a wide variety of metrics about your daily activity. The idea is that you keep it on at all times, and check:

  • your step count,
  • the number of floors you've climbed,
  • your heart rate, and
  • total active minutes – all at a glance.

The best fitness trackers devices all tend to look and function very similarly, but there are notable differences between fitness trackers and smartwatches.

There are big differences between fitness trackers and smartwatches, which can be summed up as follows:

  • smartwatches are built for communication
  • while fitness trackers are built for monitoring and data gathering.

The main function of a smartwatch is to facilitate communication. You can use a smartwatch to read emails, texts, or at least receive notifications with a glance at your wrist. Smartwatches equipped with sim cards allow users to make phone calls as well.

Unlike fitness trackers, smartwatches focus on bringing smartphone-style alerts right to your wrist, so you can view info such as incoming texts, calls, emails, and upcoming calendar events at a glance.

That doesn't mean they can't track activity metrics as well. As you'll see, if you're only interested in the more basic activity-tracking metrics, a smartwatch could very well be all you need and eliminate the need to buy a more costly smartwatch.

Take charge with the best fitness tracker you can buy

If you want a smartwatch and a fitness tracker with outstanding battery life and a thin, stylish design. For people with an active lifestyle who want all-day fitness tracking and useful smartwatch features go for a top of the range Fitbit or Gramin model.

The Fitbit fitness trackers devices are currently the top-selling brand. There are good reasons why Fitbit is the top brand in the fitness-tracking market: Fitbit continues to release updated models with new features and designs, and the Fitbit charge 4 is a perfect example of this.

The Fitbit Charge 4 is the best fitness tracker you can buy, period. Fitbit didn’t need to do much to achieve this title again, but it managed to fix all our gripes with the Charge 3 and keep it at the same price point. The built-in GPS is welcome, as is “Fitbit Pay” (their payment system) being standard across all models.

At the risk of being repetitive, we will say again that the Fitbit Charge 4 is the best fitness tracker you can buy and a big step forward for Fitbit. Admittedly that step forward feels a little late, as it's only now adding features that users have begged for, for years and which Garmin has also offered in its fitness trackers for years. But then, our Good Lord keeps a special place in heaven for late converts to the path of righteousness!

Looks like a smartwatch, but it's more fitness tracker

Fitbit's Blaze is a solid option for those seeking something that looks and feels more like a Smartwatch but acts like a fitness tracker. The Blaze’s bigger, colourful touch-screen can display detailed workout summaries and fitness coaching sessions, making you less dependent on your phone. As is the case with many of Fitbit's more expensive wearables, the Blaze can automatically detect certain workouts, show real-time exercise stats on its screen, measure your heart rate, and track your daily activity and sleep patterns. even so, if doing Yoga it may not tell you very much!

The Yamay fitness tracker watch has great performance. It comes with many excellent features like a heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, and stopwatch. It can also count your steps, calories, speed, and distance. You can also connect it to your smartphone via an app to receive alerts for your emails, calendar, and social media. It can also connect to your smartphone’s GPS to show your route. This tracker watch also has 14 different modes and a female health tracker.

Voted as a top-ranking fitness tracker of 2018, the Fitbit Versa Smartwatch is said to capture real-time statistics on more than 15 activities. An ultimate must-have for lovers of various workouts and exercises.

Just like there are many kinds of smartwatches, there are also different fitness trackers. Razer’s Nabu, recently unveiled, is a fitness band that also includes basic smartwatch features. Some devices like the Fitbit can only handle one thing, like tracking fitness stats.

The Fitbit Charge 4 isn't just the most powerful Fitbit tracker we've seen to date, but one of the most powerful fitness trackers, full stop. It's a weakened field now that smartwatches are getting all the attention, but if you look at the sensors, data and features of the Charge 4, it's way more advanced than the likes of Samsung and Xiaomi have managed.

The smartwatch and fitness tracker from the Australian brand Fossil is elegantly designed and has a multitude of features that can’t be beaten. The design of this watch really is superb and it looks premium throughout. It is a full smartwatch as well as a fitness tracker so is very versatile and can be used for things such as reading messages and listening to music.

Staying in shape — or just getting into shape in the first place — is hard work. It’s especially hard to do it all on your own, without any help. Some people buddy up with a partner, but you can turn to technology as well. A fitness tracker — either a fitness band or smartwatch — can remind you to exercise, monitor your activity level, and keep you honest.

Fitness trackers make it easy to monitor your health and improve your performance. Lightweight, wearable, in a range of colours, shapes and sizes, these clever smartwatch-like gadgets sync up with dedicated fitness apps so you can keep tabs on your fitness levels, 24/7.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is a stunning exercise-focused smartwatch and activity tracker. While it's more expensive than most other devices in our best fitness tracker guide, for the money you get a highly customizable build of superb quality. The watch sits comfortably on the wrist and looks great while tracking your daily activity and workouts.

Best fitness tracker app is a device or digital application used for monitoring and tracking fitness-related measurements such as distance walked or run, calorie consumption, heartbeat, and quality of rem. It can usually be found in smartwatches that are synchronized to one’s cellphone, so the results of day-to-day tracks will be analyzed.

Both smartwatches and fitness trackers can help you stay connected, track your daily activities and monitor your progress towards fitness goals. But there are differences between the two types of device – so you'll need to decide which features are most important to you. Generally speaking, fitness trackers are more focused on health and activity monitoring than on smart notifications – their smaller screens aren't as conducive to reading and replying to messages as the larger screens on watches.

The Best Fitness Tracker Features for Everyone

Fitness trackers are a dime a dozen these days, but finding one that actually fits your style is a hard task. This holiday, throw out that clunky old one and treat yourself (or someone else) to a pretty tracker worth showing off. To make shopping easier, we curated a list of functional and cute choices, and some of them don't even look like fitness watches.

Having an intervals mode on your fitness tracker is useful for guiding you through all types of workouts, if only because it will stop you extending your rest sections way beyond what they should be. On running and triathlon watches you’ll also often have the ability to set up more complex workouts, with work periods based on targets like distance, heart rate or pace, rather than just time. You’ll find a simple intervals mode on most mid-range fitness trackers, but for more complex customisable workouts you’re generally looking at spending over £250 on a sports watch.

When selecting a fitness tracker of a child the kids age will dictate what the best product is – younger kids won’t have the wrist size for some of the more adult-orientated watch fitness trackers that are available so they’ll need something designed just for them. Older kids will probably not feel the need to have the game orientated watches that dominate the young kid's fitness trackers.

Smartwatches and fitness trackers are handy tools that can keep track of your daily steps, heart rate, sleep, and more. They can be a convenient and even fun way of staying motivated, hitting your exercise goals, and challenging your workout buddies. While they are geared toward encouraging a healthy lifestyle, some experts worry that these devices might contribute to addictive behaviours and even exercise addictions.

One of the biggest challenges of getting fit is finding daily inspiration to do the necessary work. It's easy to get lost in a good book or an interesting webpage, so fitness bands, watches, and trackers will notify you when it's time to take a break. Once you're up and moving, it's easier to carry your goal all the way to the finish line.

What you're wearing on your wrist might determine just how well you understand your workout.

Exercising in the 21st century means that you can depend on more than just the scale and the mirror to track your progress. Technology has given us access to more detailed data than ever before, directly on our wrists in the form of fitness trackers and, in an even more powerful form, smartwatches. Once you head outside, connected or standalone GPS systems can help you stay on your route, and some advanced devices can even help you identify health issues like afib to prevent problems before they even happen.

The Apple Watch has always been one of the best all-around smartwatches, but with the addition of blood oxygen monitoring, an altimeter and an improved accelerometer and gyroscope, the apple watch series 6 continues to add the key features required to be one of the best fitness trackers. It can play music, track your activities and still keep you connected to the world when you need to answer calls or texts.

Best Fitness Tracking if You Only Have a Phone

There are a variety of fitness apps available for your smartphone that can do many of the same things fitness trackers do – and even some things they can’t. For instance, these apps can:
count your steps. All new iPhones come with a health app that tracks your step count automatically if you don’t turn it off.

For android users, the free apps Google Fit and Pedometer do the same thing.

Are Fitness Activity Trackers & Watches Worth the Money?

Fitness, health and data tracking wearables have become increasingly popular lately. According to the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity every day. With a fitness tracker on your wrist, you can get that physical activity in every day—and then some! We argue that they are very much worth-the-money if they help you get in shape and track your success with these seven benefits of fitness trackers.

To reap the health benefits of exercise, the American Heart Association recommends that adults get 150 minutes of moderate activity each week. While you may have good intentions of hitting that guideline, life gets in the way. Luckily, tracking technology offers a way to incorporate fitness into your day-to-day lives with fitness trackers, wearable devices, or digital applications that record your physical activity. They seem to offer some benefit: because a study published in the American Journal of Medicine found that fitness trackers can help with motivation.

Athletes and swimmers are no exception, they understand the motivational value in monitoring and tracking their performance in the water. There are a ton of benefits, after all, of knowing what you are doing on the track or in the pool.

Fitness trackers are no more a plaything for just fitness freaks alone. They have become a common fitness accessory for many. But are fitness trackers effective? Yes. On balance we think they are effective for most users that wear them consistently, and those thoughts are similar to what they also conclude at the SportGadget Review website.

Nobody can deny that in the concrete jungle which is a city today, our physical activity levels are shrinking. It is essential that we exercise and any use of technology to track our daily activity, which motivates exercise is worth its weight in gold.

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