Featured image text: "A quick look at glass blowing classes".

Quick Look At Glass Blowing Classes

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If you're new to lampworking in particular and glass blowing in general, there are some things you should consider before deciding on which glass blowing classes to take.

First, you have to consider your skill level. Are you a complete beginner, intermediate or expert? Some people start with the lampworking basics first, such as techniques for assembling bowls and making simple designs. These are the basics of lampworking which will get you started in the right direction.

“A fun and unique experience awaits.”

Watch our short video here, for an explanation of what we explain in more details on this page:

You can then move on to more advanced concepts, like working with stained glass and colored glass. Once you've gotten comfortable working with these kinds of designs, you can then move onto other types of glass blowing classes. You might also want to check out one of the online classes that are available, although, the truth being told, glass blowing is a hands-on activity that requires constant practice. So, it's probably a fact that online classes are not a very good option if you wish to master this craft, but the option is there if you wish to consider it.

Glass Blowing Classes

There are also many newbie-oriented lampworking and glassblowing websites (with LearnGlassBlowing.com being among the better ones), that offer tips on different aspects of the craft, and some even offer forums where you can get answers to questions you may have.

Intro to glass

Another thing to consider about glass blowing classes is whether you want to go to school, or you wish to learn the craft from home using basic techniques that you pick up from different sources on the Internet. There are both paid and free glass blowing classes on the Internet, but do you really need them? In order to become a successful lampwork artist you only need the basic techniques to get started. Once you master those, the money is not so important and you can focus more on the creative aspect of the craft.

Featured image text: "A quick look at glass blowing classes".

So, how do you find the right glass blowing classes? The simple answer is to do a quick search on Google. Enter in a search for “glass blowing classes” and see what comes up. You can also check out websites that offer basic instructions on glass blowing. Usually, these classes will last between 2 and 4 hours and will start out with a brief overview of the basics, and then will move on to more specific techniques.

When you start out with glass blowing classes, you will probably be instructed to use a blow torch to melt down an appropriate amount of glass powder. After this is done, you will be told to position your hands in the proper way so that you are not accidentally burned.

Glass Classes and Workshops

After you have set up your glass blowing classes, it is important that you keep clean paper handy to write down tips that you might come across throughout the day. Some of the most important tips include knowing how much glass to use in a given procedure, the right way to hold your fingers while blowing into the glass, and knowing how to handle your paperweight when you aren't blowing. Paperweights can be extremely dangerous if they become too hot or tipped over, so you should always make note of such important tips.

Learn To Use The Same Tools and Practices As The Experts

In time, and with more practice, glassblowing will open up its secrets to you, but in the beginning, the classes are pretty important to let yourself be introduced to the craft by experienced instructors who will start by giving you the ever-important safety measures.

All About Glass Blowing (Introductory Class)

As fascinating as this craft is, glassblowing is truly a dangerous activity to tackle all by yourself as you are constantly working with molten glass, high temperatures and fumes, so there's always a possibility of starting a fire and burning the place down, getting yourself asphyxiated or even inhaling hot air, damaging your lungs and other inner organs. But with glass blowing classes these hazards will be easily avoided as you'll be under the strict supervision of your instructor until you learn to protect yourself, the place where you'll perform the craft, as well as your housemates or family members.

Alyosha Lonoff from LearnGlassBlowing.com teaches people how to tackle the beautiful art of glass blowing on the right foot. Visit her site today to learn more!

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